Friday, December 9, 2011

L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

At the beginning of my relationship with L'oreal's telescopic mascara, it was a little love-hate. But having used it for a few months now i have decided it is actually quite a terrible mascara.
The mascara claims to magnify the base of the lashes, and lengthen to the extreme with its precision multi-comb, but at best it only magnifies your lashes.. only because there is so much product on the comb that it all ends up at the base of your lashes.
The comb is like most plastic combs, but instead of having bristles all the way around it, there are four evenly spaced rows of bristles around the comb, and it may just be me, but i fail to see how these could create a 'telescopic' lash.

What i found when using it was that it made my eye lashes very straight and spidery, and i'm pretty certain i don't know many people that would want their lashes to be dead straight.. personally, i prefer mine to have a curl to them.
I also found this product to clump the eyelashes together, and even when separated, they did not look too flattering.

I know this mascara isn't meant to add volume, but for the amount of product that seems to be going onto my lashes when i apply it, you'd think that there would be some degree of volume added to the lash.
So overall, i'm not a fan.
I have just invested in the L'oreal 4D lash architect, and i have high hopes for it, so hopefully i'm not let down! 

Talk soon guys x

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Vita Lip Care

I bought the Sally Hanson vita c lip plumper, which i think was about $7.
First thing i have to say about this is that i really like the packaging idea, being able to completely see the product, only because i think it is much better being able to see how much you have left rather than having to wind it all the way up and risk snapping it when trying to wind it back down.
The flavour of it is supposed to be Tangerine, but it just smells like orange. I'm not a fan of things that have an orange scent to them, but the scent isn't too over powering and neither is the taste. The worst is having a lip balm that tastes terrible if you accidentally lick your lips!

It labelled as a 'lip plumper' i don't think it really plumps at all. All i felt from it was a slight tingle, but even that was barely noticeable.
The story behind it is that the vitamin c in it stimulates collagen production.
Even though it didn't really plump my lips, it still applies very smoothly, and feels amazing on! It is also colour free which is a bonus.

It also comes in three other types.
(l-r) Vita B Lip Moisturiser, Vita C Lip Plumper, Vita A Lip Liner Smoother, Vita E Lip Soother.

Vita B Lip Moisturiser is berry flavoured, contains vitamin b to enhance lips' moisture barrier, smooth imperfections and hydrate your lips.
Vita A Lip Liner Smoother is peach flavoured, contains vitamin a which is used to fight signs of aging, and helps rejuvenate your lips.
Vita E Lip Soother is vanilla flavoured, contains vitamin e, omega 3 and omega 6 to help replenish and repair dry skin.

Talk soon guys x

NOTE: Since posting this, i have learnt that Sally Hanson tests on Animals

Monday, December 5, 2011

Inglot cream Sleeks in 96

Recently i invested in one of these bad boys. It is from the Sleeks range by Inglot and cost me $22.
I'm a sucker for packaging and i absolutely love the way it looks like a test tube! The range looked really nicely presented in the store as they were all lined up next to each other in a kind of black test tube holder.
the colour of this is so nice. it looks sort of purple in the photo but it really isn't, its a very nice bright pink, but it is still sheer which makes it very wearable.
It smells delicious too, like coconut!
The only annoying thing about it is that it doesn't stay on very long, and has to be re-applied often, But i don't find that to be a problem, just a little inconvenience.
My only issue with this is the price. i think that $22 for a 5.5ml lip gloss is a bit steep, but that could just be me since i do my best not to spend lots on make up. Because it is Inglot though, i don't mind too much, because i love Inglots make up because it is very good quality.
I would definitely buy more- too bad they're very hard to find on eBay!

Talk soon guys x

Inglot Nail Enamel 138

I also bought from Inglot the number 138 nail enamel. The picture isn't really true to the product as the nail polish has more of a yellow-ish shimmer, and is a brighter khaki green. I'm not sure why this picture is making it look brown..
It goes on very smoothly, and as it dries, it seems to thicken a little. After the second coat it is so nice! the yellow shimmer reflects the light. I recommend doing three coats, only because on the third, any bumps or little marks you may have accidentally put in it while it dries (i am the worst at dumping my nails when they are drying!) get smoothed out. I finish mine with a top coat, because the shimmer really pops afterwards.

This enamel, and i think the rest of their nail polish range cost $16, which is pretty good, i think, because of the quality of the polish.

What i'm not a fan of is the fact that they only number their products, and the number is only on the box! Which means that to know what number the polish is it has to live in its box, which doesn't help with space saving!

Talk soon guys x

Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki Brush

For a few months now i have been using the Sigma F84 Angle Top Kabuki Brush. ITS AMAZING!

What i love about this brush is that is is so dense that the colour applied to it will sit on top and not be eaten by the bristles. I also love the chunkiness of the handle, it makes it a lot easier to hold.
What you do need to be careful of is how much product you put on the brush. because of its density, the colour will sit on top, so you need to tap some off before applying it.

I use my brush for applying my powder blush, and it works great. The reason i use it for powder blush is that mine is quite sheer, and ill sometimes need to layer it, and this brush makes that quite easy to do.
It also works great for blending in cream blushes, and even buffing in foundation.

The Sigma brushes have been compared to MAC brushes, and have similar numbering to each MAC brush for easy comparison.
Personally, i wouldn't bother wasting my money on MAC brushes because i think everything MAC is over priced, when there are perfectly good CHEAPER duplicates around.

Hopefully ill be investing in a set of Sigma Brushes very soon!

Talk soon guys x

Argan Oil Treatment

Sooo i'm sure by now the whole world has heard of Argan oil, or Moroccan hair oil.
At first i was a little sceptical as most things now days that claim to be amazing are infact pretty crappy.
But i was actually quite surprised by this product because it works quite well.
I have been using it for months now, im going to say around 5 months maybe, and it is wonderful!
Argan Oil 100mlThe smell for one is very gentle and not harsh on the nose at all, a few of my friends have said it smells a little like coconut.

I have extensions sewn into my hair, so they get the full brunt of whatever i do to my hair (ie: washing, blow drying, straightening, etc), not to forget the weather here in Melbourne- hot for 10 mintutes, then cold, then hot and then we have a thunderstom all in one day! I found that it really helps keep them softer when theyre feeling dried out. It doesnt keep them like that until i wash them, but what i usually do is put a bit in the ends before i plait my hair at night and when it is brushed out in the morning it feels a lot better.

You need to watch out though when using it that you dont put too much in the top third of your hair.. i have made this mistake and it is horrible! Its makes it feel like you havent washed your hair in weeks, and becomes very shiny. I also use whatever is left on my hands and massage it onto my skin.

I really want to try the shampoo and conditioner because from what i have seen, it has has quite good reviews.

Oh, and another thing that i love about this oil is that the small bottle will last you FOREVER. As i said before, i have had mine for around 5 months, using it every day and sometimes twice a day and i am no where near finished!

I bought mine off ebay for around $20 which i would recommend because it is a little pricey in the stores (but i can only speak for Australia).

Has any one tried the shampoo and conditioner? What did you think of it?

Talk soon guys x

Barry M Lip Paints

I have been crushing on these for a while but as yet i haven't worked up the courage to buy some, only because i have read a lot of mixed reviews on them, with some people saying they're extremely drying and others saying they are very creamy.

I do have a few colours in mind though that i would like, my favourite at the moment is number 73, Mulberry.

If any one has bought one of these, what did you think of it? I'd love to know your opinion!

Talk soon guys x

NYX Push Up Bra Eyebrow Pencil

So i bought this NYX Push Up Bra eyebrow pencil a few weeks ago, and to be honest half the reason i bought it was because i thought the name was pretty cool ha ha.

At first when i tried it, i couldn't stand it. i thought the pencil didn't go on thick enough and you had to keep going over and over it until it finally deepened in colour. I also didn't like the highlighter because i didn't realise that once you put it on, you blend it under the brow.. genius.

But after playing around with it for a while i figured it out and decided it wasn't too bad.
I'm still not a complete fan of the pencil (although it continues to grow on me), it feels a little dry when you put it on, and doesn't colour your brow very quickly, but i suppose it has to be like that since the colour is 'universal' and has to gradually build up to suit every ones brow colour.
I love the highlighter! it is so creamy and blends to nicely under the brow, creating an almost air brushed look.

The colour on the left is the brow colour and as you can see it is quite light, and on the right is the highlighter which you can tell is definitely creamy. (I didn't take this photo i found it on google. God bless google! ha ha)

The only other negative i have, apart from the slow colour build up is that i don't think they should have said that 'one colour suits all', because if you were very blonde, even with one light application of it, it would most likely not suit you at all.

Over all the packaging is quite cute, and i like how they have put the pencil in the clear packaging, with the instructions underneith, including pictures.

Talk soon guys x

Ben Nye Eye Shadow Palettes

I am so in love with these palettes by Ben Nye!
I have been waiting to buy them for ages now and the other day i finally did! So excited! 

The colours in the essential palette are all matte and highly pigmented, and the nicest browns you will ever find!
The great thing about these eye shadows are that they are designed for make up artists/ theatre make up, so due to their high pigmentation you only need to use the tiniest bit of product which just adds to the value you get for the price. They are also quite good for contouring.

I got these photos off the site that i bought them-, and it is ridiculous how much cheaper they are over seas.. stupid Australian over pricing!
Over here they cost around $120, but on the site i think i picked up the essential palette for $50, and the metallic and brilliants palettes for $60 each. The sites shipping is amazing too, considering most things you buy from over seas may be cheaper, but then they go completely overboard on the shipping! I think the basic shipping for these three, plus a few other bits and pieces would have cost me around $12, but that was with no tracking number, and would take between 7 and 40 days to get to Australia. I don't really like the thought of no tracking number when ordering over seas as you have no hope of ever recovering it if it goes missing. So i decided that the shipping of around $23 was a better idea, even though it was almost double the price it included a tracking number and would take around 5-30 days to get here. 
Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette 8 color ESP 912Also, with the shipping on the site, the less you buy the less the shipping and vice versa.
(l-r Vanilla, Shell, Cork, Mink Stole, Black, Graphite, Smokey Taupe, Black Brown) 

I couldn't decide between the metallics and the brilliants, so i decided to get both, which I'm really happy about now because with these three palettes alone i have so much colour variety. The name of the palettes are pretty self explanatory- the metallics palette has a metallic finish to the shadow, and the brilliants has a lovely shimmer to it.
Ben Nye Lumiere Shadow Palette 8 Color
The site doesn't tell you the colours for the metallics palette, and from what i can make out, the colours in the brilliants palette are (l-r) Sun Yellow, Aztec Gold?, Cosmic Violet, Amethyst?, -, Cosmic blue?, Chatreus?, Azalea.

The only downside to these palettes is that the palette itself is a kind of hard cardboard, which makes it really hard to clean if it gets dirty.
But other than that, I highly recommend these for anyone starting off their eye shadow collection.

As i write this I'm alternating between camera ready cosmetics and my blog deciding what to buy next!

Talk soon guys x