Monday, December 5, 2011

Inglot Nail Enamel 138

I also bought from Inglot the number 138 nail enamel. The picture isn't really true to the product as the nail polish has more of a yellow-ish shimmer, and is a brighter khaki green. I'm not sure why this picture is making it look brown..
It goes on very smoothly, and as it dries, it seems to thicken a little. After the second coat it is so nice! the yellow shimmer reflects the light. I recommend doing three coats, only because on the third, any bumps or little marks you may have accidentally put in it while it dries (i am the worst at dumping my nails when they are drying!) get smoothed out. I finish mine with a top coat, because the shimmer really pops afterwards.

This enamel, and i think the rest of their nail polish range cost $16, which is pretty good, i think, because of the quality of the polish.

What i'm not a fan of is the fact that they only number their products, and the number is only on the box! Which means that to know what number the polish is it has to live in its box, which doesn't help with space saving!

Talk soon guys x

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