Monday, December 5, 2011

Inglot cream Sleeks in 96

Recently i invested in one of these bad boys. It is from the Sleeks range by Inglot and cost me $22.
I'm a sucker for packaging and i absolutely love the way it looks like a test tube! The range looked really nicely presented in the store as they were all lined up next to each other in a kind of black test tube holder.
the colour of this is so nice. it looks sort of purple in the photo but it really isn't, its a very nice bright pink, but it is still sheer which makes it very wearable.
It smells delicious too, like coconut!
The only annoying thing about it is that it doesn't stay on very long, and has to be re-applied often, But i don't find that to be a problem, just a little inconvenience.
My only issue with this is the price. i think that $22 for a 5.5ml lip gloss is a bit steep, but that could just be me since i do my best not to spend lots on make up. Because it is Inglot though, i don't mind too much, because i love Inglots make up because it is very good quality.
I would definitely buy more- too bad they're very hard to find on eBay!

Talk soon guys x

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