Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Vita Lip Care

I bought the Sally Hanson vita c lip plumper, which i think was about $7.
First thing i have to say about this is that i really like the packaging idea, being able to completely see the product, only because i think it is much better being able to see how much you have left rather than having to wind it all the way up and risk snapping it when trying to wind it back down.
The flavour of it is supposed to be Tangerine, but it just smells like orange. I'm not a fan of things that have an orange scent to them, but the scent isn't too over powering and neither is the taste. The worst is having a lip balm that tastes terrible if you accidentally lick your lips!

It labelled as a 'lip plumper' i don't think it really plumps at all. All i felt from it was a slight tingle, but even that was barely noticeable.
The story behind it is that the vitamin c in it stimulates collagen production.
Even though it didn't really plump my lips, it still applies very smoothly, and feels amazing on! It is also colour free which is a bonus.

It also comes in three other types.
(l-r) Vita B Lip Moisturiser, Vita C Lip Plumper, Vita A Lip Liner Smoother, Vita E Lip Soother.

Vita B Lip Moisturiser is berry flavoured, contains vitamin b to enhance lips' moisture barrier, smooth imperfections and hydrate your lips.
Vita A Lip Liner Smoother is peach flavoured, contains vitamin a which is used to fight signs of aging, and helps rejuvenate your lips.
Vita E Lip Soother is vanilla flavoured, contains vitamin e, omega 3 and omega 6 to help replenish and repair dry skin.

Talk soon guys x

NOTE: Since posting this, i have learnt that Sally Hanson tests on Animals

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