Friday, December 9, 2011

L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

At the beginning of my relationship with L'oreal's telescopic mascara, it was a little love-hate. But having used it for a few months now i have decided it is actually quite a terrible mascara.
The mascara claims to magnify the base of the lashes, and lengthen to the extreme with its precision multi-comb, but at best it only magnifies your lashes.. only because there is so much product on the comb that it all ends up at the base of your lashes.
The comb is like most plastic combs, but instead of having bristles all the way around it, there are four evenly spaced rows of bristles around the comb, and it may just be me, but i fail to see how these could create a 'telescopic' lash.

What i found when using it was that it made my eye lashes very straight and spidery, and i'm pretty certain i don't know many people that would want their lashes to be dead straight.. personally, i prefer mine to have a curl to them.
I also found this product to clump the eyelashes together, and even when separated, they did not look too flattering.

I know this mascara isn't meant to add volume, but for the amount of product that seems to be going onto my lashes when i apply it, you'd think that there would be some degree of volume added to the lash.
So overall, i'm not a fan.
I have just invested in the L'oreal 4D lash architect, and i have high hopes for it, so hopefully i'm not let down! 

Talk soon guys x

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