Monday, December 5, 2011

Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki Brush

For a few months now i have been using the Sigma F84 Angle Top Kabuki Brush. ITS AMAZING!

What i love about this brush is that is is so dense that the colour applied to it will sit on top and not be eaten by the bristles. I also love the chunkiness of the handle, it makes it a lot easier to hold.
What you do need to be careful of is how much product you put on the brush. because of its density, the colour will sit on top, so you need to tap some off before applying it.

I use my brush for applying my powder blush, and it works great. The reason i use it for powder blush is that mine is quite sheer, and ill sometimes need to layer it, and this brush makes that quite easy to do.
It also works great for blending in cream blushes, and even buffing in foundation.

The Sigma brushes have been compared to MAC brushes, and have similar numbering to each MAC brush for easy comparison.
Personally, i wouldn't bother wasting my money on MAC brushes because i think everything MAC is over priced, when there are perfectly good CHEAPER duplicates around.

Hopefully ill be investing in a set of Sigma Brushes very soon!

Talk soon guys x

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