Monday, December 5, 2011

Argan Oil Treatment

Sooo i'm sure by now the whole world has heard of Argan oil, or Moroccan hair oil.
At first i was a little sceptical as most things now days that claim to be amazing are infact pretty crappy.
But i was actually quite surprised by this product because it works quite well.
I have been using it for months now, im going to say around 5 months maybe, and it is wonderful!
Argan Oil 100mlThe smell for one is very gentle and not harsh on the nose at all, a few of my friends have said it smells a little like coconut.

I have extensions sewn into my hair, so they get the full brunt of whatever i do to my hair (ie: washing, blow drying, straightening, etc), not to forget the weather here in Melbourne- hot for 10 mintutes, then cold, then hot and then we have a thunderstom all in one day! I found that it really helps keep them softer when theyre feeling dried out. It doesnt keep them like that until i wash them, but what i usually do is put a bit in the ends before i plait my hair at night and when it is brushed out in the morning it feels a lot better.

You need to watch out though when using it that you dont put too much in the top third of your hair.. i have made this mistake and it is horrible! Its makes it feel like you havent washed your hair in weeks, and becomes very shiny. I also use whatever is left on my hands and massage it onto my skin.

I really want to try the shampoo and conditioner because from what i have seen, it has has quite good reviews.

Oh, and another thing that i love about this oil is that the small bottle will last you FOREVER. As i said before, i have had mine for around 5 months, using it every day and sometimes twice a day and i am no where near finished!

I bought mine off ebay for around $20 which i would recommend because it is a little pricey in the stores (but i can only speak for Australia).

Has any one tried the shampoo and conditioner? What did you think of it?

Talk soon guys x

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