Monday, December 5, 2011

NYX Push Up Bra Eyebrow Pencil

So i bought this NYX Push Up Bra eyebrow pencil a few weeks ago, and to be honest half the reason i bought it was because i thought the name was pretty cool ha ha.

At first when i tried it, i couldn't stand it. i thought the pencil didn't go on thick enough and you had to keep going over and over it until it finally deepened in colour. I also didn't like the highlighter because i didn't realise that once you put it on, you blend it under the brow.. genius.

But after playing around with it for a while i figured it out and decided it wasn't too bad.
I'm still not a complete fan of the pencil (although it continues to grow on me), it feels a little dry when you put it on, and doesn't colour your brow very quickly, but i suppose it has to be like that since the colour is 'universal' and has to gradually build up to suit every ones brow colour.
I love the highlighter! it is so creamy and blends to nicely under the brow, creating an almost air brushed look.

The colour on the left is the brow colour and as you can see it is quite light, and on the right is the highlighter which you can tell is definitely creamy. (I didn't take this photo i found it on google. God bless google! ha ha)

The only other negative i have, apart from the slow colour build up is that i don't think they should have said that 'one colour suits all', because if you were very blonde, even with one light application of it, it would most likely not suit you at all.

Over all the packaging is quite cute, and i like how they have put the pencil in the clear packaging, with the instructions underneith, including pictures.

Talk soon guys x

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