Monday, December 5, 2011

Ben Nye Eye Shadow Palettes

I am so in love with these palettes by Ben Nye!
I have been waiting to buy them for ages now and the other day i finally did! So excited! 

The colours in the essential palette are all matte and highly pigmented, and the nicest browns you will ever find!
The great thing about these eye shadows are that they are designed for make up artists/ theatre make up, so due to their high pigmentation you only need to use the tiniest bit of product which just adds to the value you get for the price. They are also quite good for contouring.

I got these photos off the site that i bought them-, and it is ridiculous how much cheaper they are over seas.. stupid Australian over pricing!
Over here they cost around $120, but on the site i think i picked up the essential palette for $50, and the metallic and brilliants palettes for $60 each. The sites shipping is amazing too, considering most things you buy from over seas may be cheaper, but then they go completely overboard on the shipping! I think the basic shipping for these three, plus a few other bits and pieces would have cost me around $12, but that was with no tracking number, and would take between 7 and 40 days to get to Australia. I don't really like the thought of no tracking number when ordering over seas as you have no hope of ever recovering it if it goes missing. So i decided that the shipping of around $23 was a better idea, even though it was almost double the price it included a tracking number and would take around 5-30 days to get here. 
Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette 8 color ESP 912Also, with the shipping on the site, the less you buy the less the shipping and vice versa.
(l-r Vanilla, Shell, Cork, Mink Stole, Black, Graphite, Smokey Taupe, Black Brown) 

I couldn't decide between the metallics and the brilliants, so i decided to get both, which I'm really happy about now because with these three palettes alone i have so much colour variety. The name of the palettes are pretty self explanatory- the metallics palette has a metallic finish to the shadow, and the brilliants has a lovely shimmer to it.
Ben Nye Lumiere Shadow Palette 8 Color
The site doesn't tell you the colours for the metallics palette, and from what i can make out, the colours in the brilliants palette are (l-r) Sun Yellow, Aztec Gold?, Cosmic Violet, Amethyst?, -, Cosmic blue?, Chatreus?, Azalea.

The only downside to these palettes is that the palette itself is a kind of hard cardboard, which makes it really hard to clean if it gets dirty.
But other than that, I highly recommend these for anyone starting off their eye shadow collection.

As i write this I'm alternating between camera ready cosmetics and my blog deciding what to buy next!

Talk soon guys x

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