Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

"Only our oil-free formula can hold highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base.

-So color is more intense and lines resist wear for 24 hours. 
-Smudge-proof and Water-proof. 
-The most intense line for lasting drama."

Before i get started, ill just add that i haven't bought a gel liner before, because i thought they would be annoying to work with, and i love my liquid liners so i was a little reluctant to believe anything was better than then- I'm so small minded.

  • PROS: It is easily blendable. It does dry, but not quick enough that you cant blend it out or get rid of any little mistakes. The colour goes on very nicely, and it quite opaque on the first application, although you may want to go over it again to make it even bolder. I think i have finally found a great eye liner that doesn't smudge when you don't want it to! i slept with it on the other night (naughty, i know) and i woke up with it still in tact!
  • I have found the formula to be smooth, and goes on very nicely. And even though i have seen some other reviews on this saying that the brush was rubbish, i honestly think the quality of the brush is great and makes the gel easy to apply. It would make more sense to have an angled brush for it, but no biggy, i like the one it has.
  • I also like how much this cost. I think they're around $18, but i got mine from a discount warehouse (thank goodness for them!) and it was close to $14.
  • I found it easier than a liquid liner to hold because it is a brush and I'm not trying to hold on to a fiddly little lid, and left like i had more control over what i was doing- far less mistakes!

CONS: The only con i have is that it doesn't come off unless you use a face scrub, but even then it gets all under your eyes and you look like a drowned Panda. But, it not coming off easily isn't really a bad thing, i mean, aren't we always looking for that magic eye liner that just stays on?

PACKAGING: The packaging is quite plain, but nice and simple. It comes in a small glass jar with a black lid with silver writing on it, and a black brush. At first i was a little annoyed at the size of he jar (it didn't seem like there was much in there) but as i examined it i realised for what you use it for, there is plenty- its size also makes it easy to keep it in your bag if needed.

There are some really nice other colours, like a dark saphire blue, and an eggplant pruple that i also have my eye on!

..Sorry liquid liner, i think you may have just been replaced!

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