Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Face of Australia Face Base Primer SPF 15 3 in 1

Hi guys! just a quick review on the Face of Australia Face Base Primer SPF 15 3 in 1. I'm loving this primer at the moment!

"Face of Australia Face Base Primer SPF 15 3 in 1 is a moisturiser, primer, and sunscreen in one. The primer has been specially formulated to smooth skin tone, fill lines, deliver instant hydration to the skin, and control shine. The primer also improves the lasting power of foundation and is oil free, so it won’t clog pores."

So just quickly.. 
1. The smell of this primer is great! i can't think of a particular thing it smells like but it smells very fresh. It is quite a powerful smell so if you want something with little or no scent then maybe this isn't for you.
2. It is very lightweight, and dries quite fast.
3. Even though in the tube it's white, it is clear when you apply it.
4. In some reviews i read about this, people had mixed emotions as they felt it made their skin a little oily, but i have no issue with it.
5. I have quite sensitive skin, and so far i have not have any reactions, so i'm a happy camper :)

PLUS it doesn't hurt that it has SPF in it for us pale people ha ha.

The downside is that i don't feel that it fills in lines. I don't have any lines (yet), but mum and i have the same primer and it doesn't really do anything for her lines.

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